Lost in A Spin   

Written by Jeremy Short  
* "This Mountain" written by J. Short, S. Colette, S. Barker


“Fast Eddie” 

Fast Eddie’s in rehab again, 
Back to the place he’s always been 
Been popping somas and eatin’ phenergan 
Hoping the world will get lost in a spin

He tried to pull his act together 
Take those strings and lace ‘em up straight 
But hate and jealousy, they got found again 
And this time ol’ Ed was too late 
And that’s why now 

The kids they can’t remember 
Times that hadn’t been so strange 
Last time they saw him he was spinning cartwheels 
And beggin’ for his change 

Divorce came too easily 
Not unlike the morning light 
'Cause ol’ Ed would stay out drinkin 
And he’d come home looking for a fight 

White walls they aren’t too far for him 
He’d probably rather it that way, lord 
White walls are good for imagining 
Things that’ll never see the light of day 
That’s why now 

“Barefoot Beauty” 

Dances around in a circle of light 
Gains her strength from moonlight 
Starts anew when the stars shine bright 
And swears she’s in love with me 

Keeps fields of weeds to frolic in 
Chases fireflies when the day grows dim 
She’s a barefoot beauty who loves to sin 
Beneath that heart of gold 

Then she comes to me, like a dream 
One I hope that will never end 
Cause if she says, she’ll stay with me 
I’ll never love again 

Wears hand-wrapped crystals around her neck 
Picks four leaf clovers for her luck 
Casts spells to heal the hearts of the sick 
Just like she did for me 

Tarot cards are her best friends 
Says they tell it like it is 
Well, she channels the Elders when she needs to hear 
Advice she won’t take from me


“If the Spirit Moves You” 

Ive seen you dancing, like you’ve got something to say 
Baby if the spirit moves you, come and dance my way 

The way the stage lights hit you, the way you toss your hair 
Gets the boys all going, no matter what you wear 

There’s just something about you,
pierces straight to my soul 
Makes having you honey,
my only goal 

I know you know, just how to get your way 
Baby if the spirit moves you, come and dance my way 

Loving you honey, is a forever endeavor 
Loving you honey, nothing sounds better 

Baby if the spirit moves you, you gotta let those hips sway 
If the spirit moves you, come and
dance my way

“Set in Her Ways” 

I’ve got a hard headed woman 
Hard headed woman of my own 
She’s so set in her ways 
You’d think he head was made of stone 

When she’s right, she’s right 
When she’s wrong she’s right too 
Anybody try to tell her different 
Boy, do I pity you 

She treats me kindly, and cleans up nice 
Anybody try and step on her toes, will surely pay the price 

She cooks my meals, and cleans the house 
But don’t let that fool you, into thinking she’s a mouse 

She’ll get it all done, both day and night 
Anybody try and step on her toes, will surely pay the price

“Mountains of the Like” 

Mountains of the like,
could swallow you 

But what’s worse boys,
is the tempting they’ll do

‘Cause way down deep, you can’t see the light 
And that’s when the fight is the hardest to fight 
Gettin’ out ain’t easy, they’ve made it that way 
They’ll put food on your table, as long as you’ve got nothing to say 

So put on them work boots,
and lace them up tight 

Be ready to run, or be ready to fight 
What the company’s been doing
won’t ever be right 

Be ready to run, or be ready to fight 

If you choose to run, you better run far 
Ain’t much else around here,
you don’t stick your arm 

If you choose to fight, don’t count on the win 
Companies rule, it’s how it’s always been



“Ain’t That Workin”  

Well, I’m working 9-5
down at the local chicken shack  
Work a poor boy to death,
ain’t that a fact jack?
I support myself,
Lord I pay my rent  
By the time I pay my bills,
I ain’t got a damn thing left  

Ain’t that workin, glory be ain’t that workin?  
I said, you work your hands to the bone 

Give all you got ‘til it's gone  
Ain’t that workin'?  

Listen to the boss man,
tellin’ me to pick up the slack  
I say he must not be lookin'
at the same clock I’m lookin’ at
Always saying go do this,

now boy won’t you go do that  
Brother if I ever get out of here,
you can’t be I won't be back

“Shake it Off” 

 From the hours of 9-5, 
They got their hold on you 
Tie and dress slide right off 
when the day is through 

Shake it off,  grab a drink 
Come on up, and tell me
what you think..
About the man who’s thumb’s on you. 

The man you see, don’t work for me 
And I know he don’t work for you
While all day long we’re doing 
What he says to do 

Shake it off, forget about it 
At least until the day is through 
Grab a friend, come dance with 
And baby, just be you. 

When the clock is switched to off 
That’s your time to shine 
Let your hair fall down loose 
Take another sip of wine 

Shake, shake, shake, shake it off 
Yeah, and come and dance with me 
Shake, shake, shake, shake it off 
Oh, and let yourself be free


 “You and Me” 

You and me, we got this thing 
Ain’t nobody can tell us, the joy it will bring 
Our love is fresh, like dew in spring 
Ain’t nobody can tell us, the joy it will bring 

Weathered wood, looks good to me 
I can only imagine, the good times it has seen 
Let’s travel the world, just you and me 
How else are we supposed to know,
who we’re to be?

Violets and roses, get all the acclaim 
Me, I like clover and daisies the same 
Honeysuckle, sure changes the game 
The simplest of beauties,
always callin’ my name 

Old tall oaks, been around for years 
Growing finer, like the finest of beers 
Standing our ground, facing our fears 
Loving you baby, through all your tears 

Summer heat, got nothing on us 
We won’t burn, no we won’t rust 
Try and break it, if you must 
This fire’s built on miles of trust

“Full Bodied Redhead” 

They say behind good men 
That a woman she does stand 
Mine I wear strapped ‘round my front 
And I play her with my hands 

I’ve made mistakes, left marks and scars 
On the surface of her shine 
Little reminders that I wish 
Weren’t the fault of mine 

A full bodied redhead 
With a temper you’d expect 
She loves the feel of my fingers 
Runnin’ down her neck 

We’ve tried to stay away 
To spend our time apart 
But it never seems to last too long 
She’s the owner of my heart 

Took her down to Memphis 
And across the streets of Beale 
he played, I sang and before we quit 
She swung and chipped my grill 

We fight, we disagree 
As couples they all do 
But when it comes to troubled times 
She’s the one I run back to 

I’ll admit I like to push it 
Build up tension and release 
But if I push it too far 
he’ll up and break a string 

We’re destined to be lovers 
Our fate is sealed you see 
To walk through life without her 
Would be the death of me


“This Mountain” 

 I was born under this mountain,
not that long ago 
I may die under this mountain,
‘cause they say the spice must flow 

Killin’ this land
A martyr for the county plan 
My father he understands,
my mother she wrings her hands 
No salvation to abide me, son
I’ve been killin this land 

Bossman says I’m lucky,
'cause my life’s in his hands 
But I haven’t felt lucky,
since I started killing this land 

In this town that time don’t care about
Trying to get through this door with no key 
I never learned to live with,
I only learned to live without
I am too ashamed to scream,
to scream help me 

County line’s so far away,
it almost feels like a dream 
County line’s so far away,
it always makes me want to scream

“Road Call” 

 Strap up those bootlaces,
and fill my coffee cup  
Going to walk right out the door,
when the morning sun comes up  

I hear the road a’ callin’  
Calling out my name  
And I know if I don’t listen  
Things will never be the same  

Every now and then I get settled,
think I’m happy with what I’ve found  
Yeah but before I know it,
my feet start moving to another town  

Could find me a pretty lady,
fall in love and focus on my heath  
But I know- yes I know,
I’d only be foolin’ myself  

Who knows where I’m going,
hopefully everywhere  
Who knows if I when I get back,
if that woman would even care


“Dead & Gone” 

This world is getting dark,
these kids ain’t safe, 

No they ain’t safe, no they ain’t safe at the park 

Cause those who differ, act so bitter 
Towards the ones, the ones they love 
And in the alleys, and in the streets 
We solve our problems, with fists and heat 

All my heroes, are gone and dead 
We’ve killed them all, in our heads 
Left their words, much unsaid 
For far too long, for far too long 

Preachers of peace, yeah they cease 
To find the love in hearts of police 
They’re all afraid to play games, 
to play games with their lives 

The only thing
that a man can do 

Is respect his brother,
and help him get through 

All my heroes were the peaceful kind, 
Still they fought, still they tried 
And it stays on my mind 
On my mind, all the time 

And just where the government stands 
Ain’t with the man who protects the land 
‘Cause in our pipes and in our streams 
They poison the water we drink 

All my heroes are dead and gone 
Left us with their hearts and songs 
It’s now on us, it’s now our turn 
To take what they left, and carry on


Call me bartender, I’ll serve you all night long 
Call me bartender, I’ll serve you all night long 
Yeah, come see me tonight 
And we’ll talk about the things gone wrong 

You tell me your troubles, I’ll tell you mine 
We’ll talk it over baby, while we drink some cherry wine 
I’m the bartender, I’ll serve you all night long 
Come see me tonight, I’ll mix them up real strong 

I got a feeling baby, once we get it all out 
We’ll find a way, to fix what we’ve been talking about 
I’m the bartender, I’ll serve you all night long 
Come see me tonight, and I’ll serve them up real strong 

After closing hours, maybe we can dine 
The only decision left, being your place or mine 
I’m the bartender, I’ll serve you all night long 
Come see me tonight, and I’ll sing you a song